ROHAN | 20X30 Indian House Design


Ashwin Architects offers a very unique, contemporary, stylish and the latest in custom Indian house map design and floor plans. Like the “Rohan” house, which is a residential 3 bedroom hall and kitchen designed in a 20’x30’ west facing plot, your dream home too can be best designed by the top architects here.

Double Storey Indian House Map Design Samples

If you are looking for sample house plans, sample designs and drawings, chances are that you will go through a huge collection of home floor plans online. But before you order for your Indian Dream House Map online, it is important that you verify the inclusions and exclusions in the package. Here are a few points to help you get started,

The total built up area
Area consumed by each space within the house
A top view of the plot area along with the house design
Adherence to the local building by-laws in your region
The site ground floor plan for reference by the appointed contractor
Floor plan of each level with walls, doors, windows and other spaces
Cross section diagram for overall height, sill, window, lintel, etc.
House front elevation design with external 3D views of the structure
Interior 3D views to help you better understand the look and feel

Unique And Stylish Custom House Designs


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