Save your Business App: Choose the correct Mobile App Development Company


Do you know there will be about 4.68 billion mobile users by the end of 2019 worldwide? #Businesses from #enterprise-level to #startups are working hard to grab the attention of this vast user-base. A popular weapon to attract and satisfy smartphone owners is by offering them a useful mobile app.

#Mobileapplications are downloaded in huge numbers each year, estimated to reach 352.9 billion by the year 2021. This adds to the cutthroat competition among companies working on mobile apps. 

Businesses are working so hard with the help of #mobileappdevelopers that in contemporary times, there is hardly anything for which you won’t find an app. From the app calculating your menstrual dates to the app that calculates the steps you walked in a day, everything is available! 

According to the expectations, the mobile app industry revenue will reach $131 billion by 2021. Here is a graphical representation to depict all the findings of this research.

There are very few businesses that are not planning to reap the benefits of this trending and flourishing industry. Although behind this glorious state, there is a dark side too, which you will have to cross to become a leader. 
Here are certain reasons based on stats that prove how easily your app can fail:

• App crashes – 71 % of people uninstall
• In-app defects – found by 47% of users
• Low loading speed – 70% abandons the app

These all are technical glitches that are not in your hand. You have to choose the right mobile app development company to avoid such issues. In order to help entrepreneurs with no or little technical knowledge, I am sharing some tips to choose the best mobile app development company for them.

5 tips to choose the best mobile app development company

Experience in different mobile app development:

Expertise in your niche
Provide dedicated mobile app developers:
Cooperative Team:
The perfect balance between price and quality:

Based on these parameters and the organic search results as well as ratings by different rating agencies, I have shortlisted these top five mobile app development companies:

Pixelcrayons: An award-winning mobile app development company
Since its inception in 2004, it has completed 13800 plus projects successfully. They are known for programmers, testers, and analysts with more than four years of experience in their specific domains.

Last year, their customer retention rate has reached 97%. This company has integrated all the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR, internet of things, etc. in their services. 

DCSL Software: Costly but quality mobile app solutions
IT Craft: Clientele spread across the globe

Menlo Technologies: Known for creative software development

Zibtek: Top software consulting firm based in the USA

Final words:

It is not tough to find the best mobile app development company but the real challenge lies in finding the best company for you. A company suitable for your competitor might not be perfect for you as well.

For this, you must understand your business needs and choose mobile developers that fit the best within your expectations. If you have anything else to add then please share with me in the comment section.

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