TEXT2DRIVE™ Video Communications App
Stay connected with customers at all times!
Video builds trust and drives revenue!
Group and employee chat optimized!

Features include:

Repair Order Information
Easily log and look up repair orders.

Media To Be Text To This Customer
Media library
Media timeline

VIN Scan
View vehicle info simply by scanning the vehicle’s VIN.

Employee Chat
Keep the lines of communication open to deliver better customer service and conduct business more efficiently.

Group Chat
Set up and customize chat rooms to communicate with one department, several departments or your entire dealership.

Search Vehicle Information
Easily find information about a customer’s vehicle using the RO number, tag number or a VIN scan.

The newly remastered digital app allows you to upload, save and share photos and videos and to send texts both internally and externally.

The TEXT2DRIVE mobile app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Get detailed reporting on repair orders, repair orders with media, pre-media invoice totals, post-media invoice totals and average upsells.

Learn more: text2drive.com/features-overview/mobility/