The Top 10 Free Photo Editing Software Programs For 2015 – Best Photo Editor List



This video gives you a list of the top 10 free photo editing software programs for 2015. If you’re searching the internet for the best free photo editor, you should find at least one on my list that will satisfy your needs. Many of these free photo edit programs come with many professional features and could be considered free Photoshop alternatives. Others are in a category of their own and should be used to perform simple tasks or tasks that your main picture editor is incapable of performing. Some of the basic features include the ability to enhance the color of photos, digital retouching and saving or converting images in other file formats including .jpg, .gif, .and .png. If you’re an absolute beginner you should be able to figure out how use most of these programs on a basic level. To learn how to use the advanced features that professional image editors and digital photographers use, you may want to watch a few photo editing tutorials or check out a book from your local library. Many of these picture editing programs also have their own forums where you can ask people with more experience how to use certain features of the software. Every single one of these programs for editing pictures are completely free and aren’t trial versions, but a few might offer a paid upgrade to a more professional version which does cost money. Some of the best picture editors on my list are completely open source which means that you get the complete version at no cost. These programs are built by generous programmers all across their world who are willing to contribute their time to create a world-class program for editing images that students, web designers, graphics designers, digital photographers, professionals and anyone else can download for free and use as they see fit. You can even edit the code in a free open source photo editing software program because the license permits you to do so.

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