Three tips for the Outlook Mobile App by Chris Menard


The Outlook Mobile App will allow you to schedule emails, suggest calendar availability, and scan a business card. Also shown are @mentions in the Outlook web app and Outlook mobile app.

Tip 1
We get a lot of emails and some of them we don’t’ have time to answer now. You can schedule an important email to disappear and pop up later with the Outlook mobile app.
Tip 2
If you need to meet with someone and don’t want to go back and forth with emails, you can mark times on your calendar you are free to meet with them. Outlook will insert those times in the body of the email. This is a great feature. It pulls up your desktop or mobile calendar, which is in sync and allows you to mark in a 30-minute increment when you can meet with the person.
Tip 3
You can scan a business card with Outlook and add it to your contacts.

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