Top 5 Best Poker Strategy Apps, Tools, Software Programs


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Whether you’re playing poker online or live, there are tons of great tools you can use to win more money and have more fun. In this video we list the five best. These poker tools and apps will help you improve your poker strategy, run smooth home poker tournaments and make fair deals and chops.

The first entry is the legendary free software program PokerStove, an equity calculator that can give you exact equity matchups for ranges of hands both preflop and postflop.

Next are two tools that are must-haves if you’re running your own home tournament: Blind calculators and tournament clocks. Blind calculators will help you create a perfect blind structure to make sure your game lasts the right amount of time and has the right sized stacks and levels. A tournament clock can run on a tablet or computer where everyone can see it and displays important information like the current blinds, level time and payouts.

Number three on the list is an ICM calculator which is useful deep in tournaments when you’re negotiating a chop or a deal. A free ICM calculator like uses the stacks sizes and payouts to calculate a fair chop. Next on the list is a mobile app called SnapShove from poker pro Max Silver.

This is a great tool to help beginner and intermediate players get familiar with good push/fold strategy. It can also tell you whether to call all-ins and offers an interactive training mode. Topping the list are Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker, two programs integral to all serious online poker players.

These programs let you use your hand-histories to do deep analysis on the way you and your opponents play. It also comes with powerful tools like a heads-up display that can be a huge advantage online.

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