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#MobileAppDevelopment has come a long way since the introduction of the first-ever iPhone in 2007 and the emergence of Android smartphone revolution starting from the HTC Dream.

At the time you’re reading this, Android has already celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and iOS seems to be in the need for a revamp in order for it to catch up with the extremely powerful hardware used on Apple devices.

The time between ten versions of dessert-themed android versions and thirteen versions of the iOS has led to the rise of many mobile app designs & development trends and technologies, many of which have left a significant mark and some of which terribly failed.

Now that we’re near 2020, the #customsoftwaredevelopment industry might churn other some similar new #mobileappindustry trends which may affect how we interact with our smartphones and other portable devices.

Here is the list of top #mobileappdevelopmenttrends for 2020:

1st Mobile App Trend: Progressive Web Apps

2nd Mobile App Trend: Android Instant Apps

3rd Mobile App Trend: IoT Apps

4th Mobile App Trend: Moving away from the mobile app “Ecosystem”

5th Mobile App Trend: Augmented Reality

6th Mobile App Trend: WELCOME OF 5G WIRELESS

7th Mobile App Trend: CHATBOTS

8th Mobile App Trend: BLOCKCHAIN

9th Mobile App Trend: BEACONS TECHNOLOGY


Wrapping Up:
So which trend will dominate 2020? Only time shall tell that. However, what’s clear is that smartphone users are well set to have a good time. As of mobile app developers and development; well, that battleground will remain as competitive as it has always been.

What do you think about mobile app design & development trends that are going to rule 2020? Let’s discuss this in the comment box.

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