Trailer »About Cultural Diversity – Tel Aviv« (2019) directed by Martina Pan



During a three day journey through Tel Aviv, starting from the wonderful Albi Cafe in Neve Sha’anan (a district in the southern part of the city), ethnographic filmmaker Martina Pan encountered different views and found yet new answers on how to create an image of the true depth of Cultural Diversity that is finding a visual understanding of what the term could mean.

The Albi Cafe – a cultural melting pot and meeting point for poets, LGBTQ-people, immigrants, academics, self seekers, work migrators and many more facets of human beings – serves as a starting point not only for the movie, but stands also for the vast cultural development in a very young city. One tends to forget that Tel Aviv was only founded in 1909 though it seems to be older than a lot of other world-class cities. It probably is, because many different influences and influencers got together here in a rather short time.

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