White Risk – Avalanche prevention portal and mobile app


White Risk is a web-based, interactive avalanche prevention platform (www.whiterisk.ch) published by Suva and the SLF with the support of the Swiss Red Cross. It consists of the four modules EXPLORE, LEARN, TOUR and PRO. All the content is available in four languages. The platform raises awareness of the avalanche dangers that exist outside secured, marked open pistes, and offers a wealth of information on the subjects of avalanche science and prevention.

EXPLORE serves as a comprehensive interactive reference work on avalanche science. The module LEARN offers e-learning lessons with exercises and tests. The planning tool TOUR allows users to plan every aspect of a tour and link the itinerary to the White Risk app. Users can access Swisstopo maps with various layers as well as topographical maps for France and Austria. The module PRO enables users to create their own interactive presentations using the White Risk content.

White Risk is designed for individual learning purposes, as a resource for use in the classroom and avalanche courses, as a reference work on every aspect of avalanches, and for complete tour planning with all essential information. In addition, teachers, instructors and avalanche course leaders can purchase affordable student licences with various durations.

White Risk App:
White Risk is the app for all those who engage in winter activities in the mountains outside marked and open pistes. By way of the avalanche bulletin and snow and weather data, it gives users up-to-date information about the snow and avalanche situation in Switzerland. The app also provides useful background knowledge to assist in assessing the avalanche danger. Various tools, such as the Analyser, help the user to evaluate the avalanche situation in the field. A key element of the app is its TOUR function, which allows tours to be planned or edited and enables users to synchronise the data belonging to planned tours with the web platform www.whiterisk.ch. A personal library of tours can thus be compiled and subsequently updated both with the app and on the platform. Purchasers of a standard licence can use premium topographical maps of Switzerland, France and Austria with various layers, including one for slope angles, for planning purposes. Maps of any area freely defined by the user can be downloaded for use offline.

The smartphone’s GPS function shows the user’s current location on the tour plan. The app gives free access to the snow and temperature data collected by the automated measuring stations operated by the cantons and the SLF. These additional data are also useful for tour planning purposes.