Whova Event Mobile App: for Smarter Event Networking


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Whova mobile event app is a handy tool for you to make your event “go green” through uploading mobile brochures, and for your attendees to better network with each other even beyond the event.

This explainer video is created by the Whova team, aiming to help you (event organizers) better understand what Whova event mobile app is before signing up to create your own event on Whova’s innovative platform.

————————– transcript ———————

You are an event organizer. You work so hard to make your event succeed. But how often do you feel under appreciated? You get the feeling that your attendees always expect more. Why is that? Well, the truth is they want more than to just join great talks; they want you to help them meet new people, the right people. So how do you make this happen without spending too much time and money?

Introducing Whova, a mobile event app that helps you create a new memorable experience for your audience, and make you the event super-hero like Tysa.

“My name is Tysa Fennon, and I organize events. We are actually using the Whova app as a networking tool for this event here at The Art of Marketing conference, and it’s totally awesome!”

With Whova, you can put your event agenda in the app so your guests can easily navigate on their mobile phones to stay informed about sessions and speakers. They can also personalize their own schedules and set reminders.

With Whova’s interactive agenda, attendees may also communicate with and provide feedback for speakers by posting comments or clicking likes for each session. You can instantly get feedback and monitor activity the second it happens.

Well, the most awesome part is – Whova gives your attendees a brand-new networking experience. They can explore all attendee bios, social profiles and plan in advance whom to meet and contact via our in-app messages even before the event.

Additionally, during or after the event, they can use the app to scan collected business cards and quickly store contacts information electronically; they can even exchange digital cards with each other to stay in touch.

Whova also allows you to show appreciation for sponsors by placing eye-catching banners for all attendees to see. As we know, happy sponsors means more budget for your next event.

But that’s not all. You can also use Whova to send announcements about room change, lunch delays; Create surveys to collect feedback; Upload logistics information such as parking info to facilitate your attendees.

Meanwhile, your attendees can use the app to instantly upload event photos/slides, and share highlights on Twitter.

So what’s unique about Whova?

No 1: Our unique Smart Profile and Business Card Scanning technology makes attendees’ networking experience 10 times better.

No 2. Benefited from our cutting edge technology, our app is the most liked event app by attendees, as they can always rely on it to meet the right people to explore business opportunities.

Whova has been used by many innovative brands to make events awesome. Will your event be the next one? Sign up now at whova.com!