Yang's VAT Vs. Warren's Wealth Tax | Free Gov. Programs Vs. Freedom Dividend UBI


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We must work together to silence fear-mongering, no-solutions GOP media. They pit lower/middle classes against each other. Corporate Media is holding back the species with their negativity. Control of the media is the most important factor in winning any war. There is nothing more important than the control of production & dissemination of the means of propaganda.

Corporations are NOT people & do not deserve free speech protections. National unity is more important than propagating cynicism without offering solutions. Political news media MUST move AWAY from hate-filled, corporate-owned TV & radio that people can binge-watch/listen, & TOWARDS constructive, web-based content that viewers decide for themselves to view with every click.

Our current media paradigm is turning into a national security risk; we are risking social DISINTEGRATION. This is exacerbated by a government ran by old, rich people that don’t experiment (whom we pay for their healthcare & salary), billionaires paying millionaires to “report the news” & divide us, and a public that passively consumes information given to them while ignoring what isn’t.

When the world sees that AMERICANS can be controlled with corporate media, money in politics and the demonizing of minorities, immigrants and poor people, the tyrants of the world follow suit. What happens to the world, if America doesn’t LEAD?

Our current advertiser-sponsored media is unsustainable. TV news is dying, so Fox News and corporate mainstream media are resorting to exceedingly more divisive & inflammatory programming to maintain their ratings. They are simultaneously trying to cut deals with YouTube/Google to remove, censor and demonetize independent media programs. These programs are typically run by Americans with PASSIONATE journalistic spirits, who toil often in anonymity, before hitting the break-even point for time spent editing & researching… FOR THE PEOPLE, not entrenched power.

These huge political news conglomerates have a dying audience and exist on a dying medium, and now want to suffocate smaller players as they enter THE medium of the future. Corporate Media has the power & money to suppress reporting on uncomfortable truth, through OMISSION, which independent actors DO NOT shy away from, but rather move towards, like soldiers moving TOWARDS the danger. These conglomerates do not love America first. They love profits.

Until the end of corporate news media arrives, our elders will remain in front of the TV repeating Republican Party Elite talking points & voting against the interest of their children & the human race. Neither party’s establishment wings care about getting money (the MAJOR electoral input in the US) out of politics & media, so the people will remain the MINOR actors.

Fox News & the Republican Party abuse the fact that human minds tend toward negative bias. They do not promote solutions & make our conservative brothers & sisters ignore anything Progressives say. They are ruining the unity in this country. The Democratic Party is simply GOP-lite, as it stands.

Look at how negativity sells: Fox News has been the top basic-cable channel for almost 20 years. Their average audience member is a 68-year old with high blood pressure, from persistent nervousness due directly to their attachment to negative political news, BUT is HEAVILY involved politically. Who benefits from this; just think. This results in a political system which disproportionately reflects the worst qualities of the species. The youth will be the ones who live with the consequences. Fox News should be censored. Defund corporate media by getting rid of the advertiser-model. All political news media should be online, chosen video by video, instead of on television, where one can sit like a mindless robot, coming to hate the other half of our country.

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